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Vedansh Pandey

Position:Yoga Teacher, RYT 200

Vedansh Pandey (yoga teacher) is a son of fonder and yogi in 8th generation. He is dedicated to continue the Vedic tradition of Pandey Ji’s family and be a yogi. He is practicing yoga since childhood, knows very well all types of fire ceremonies, kriyas, shatkarmas. He is RYT 200. He is a follower of Bharadwaj Gotra line, keeps brahmacharya and doing self-practice daily.

He masters asana, pranayama, meditation techniques under father’s control and integrates them into his teaching. He is a permanent student of spiritual Anandam Gurkul and learns there from Himalayan masters secrets of hatha yoga. In Vedansha he is responsible for kriya, pooja, shatkarma and traditional excursions in Himalaya.

Vedansh Pandey: ‘’ I share my understanding in the teachings of Traditional Hatha Yoga, Philosophy, Pranayama, Meditations, Mantra chanting and various Cleansing Processes. Yoga surely helps to stay relaxed in situations with different emotional intensity.”

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