Yoga Therapy for Lungs Cancer

yoga therapy for lungs cancer

Yoga therapy for Lungs cancer. disease You might wonder, can yoga help those fighting lung cancer and their caregivers? It is a question that rings in many people’s minds, including caregiver, cancer patients, and even doctors. In a recent study posted on WebMD, patients “who did have higher scores on a six-minute walking test and more stamina. Their caregivers also reported less fatigue and better stamina while working.” Other studies have also reported the same effects of yoga in lung cancer patients. Here you can discover some benefits of yoga therapy for lungs cancer patients.

Reduces stress and enhances mental power

According to the science of yoga, yoga poses like Pranayama cleans your body and increases your body’s ability to control and manage things.  The pose also improves circulation and respiratory functions, which help which is needed by lung cancer patients. Performing this type of pose for 20 minutes a day can change your cancer experience.

Clean air passage

Yoga therapy for lungs cancer disease helps in cleaning your air passage for better breathing. For example, the Trikonasana pose also known as the Triangle pose improves your air passage and the nervous system. It aids in better and deeper breathing for those fighting with lung cancers. Other effects of Triangle pose include:

Improves inhalation

The Naukasana yoga poise is best for improving inhalation. This pose expands your chest and allows you to breathe freely with any trouble. The pose controls your pancreases, liver and lung functions and improves your blood circulation. It is the best pose for those fighting lung cancer.

Help you be calm and rejuvenated

When we are sick, pour body lack many things, including the ability to stay calm. The Shashankasana yoga pose is the pose calming and rejuvenating the mind. It also helps keep stress away and reduces sciatic pain. These are side effects of lung cancer, which yoga can help reduce. As you can feel this posture is relative easy to perform so it can be very well accepted by the lungs cancer patients.

Eliminates fatigue

During chemotherapy sessions, sometimes your body becomes weak and fatigues because of the treatment. Yoga can help eliminate fatigue and insomnia by relaxing your brain and your whole body. Exercise like the Padma Sarvangasana or Lotus in Shoulder stand pose can reduce fatigue.

Lung cancer is affecting many people, young and old alike. If you are a lung cancer patient and your body can endure yoga exercises, some of these styles are very helpful. They not only help you cope, but they open your air passages making breathing easier for you. Undergoing the above and other yoga poses for faster recovery and better health.

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